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Join over 100+ other players enjoy this rare find. Rise goal is focused on creating a balanced tiered pvm system. For example, you must have x100 kills in the tier 1 melee zone before you are able to teleport into the tier 2 melee zone, same for magic & ranged zones but they must be x100 in the mage/ranged zones depending on where you wish to advance next. We have also revamped all of the old content and many systems such as drops, mystery boxes, stores, etc.


⚔️1000+ Customs

⚔️15+ mobs/bosses

⚔️70 Achievements

⚔️Unique upgrade system

⚔️Well of goodwill

⚔️All working skills

⚔️Duel Arena

⚔️ Custom pets

⚔️Duo slayer

⚔️Drop rate bonus items

⚔️Tons of client options

⚔️Unique special attacks (custom)

⚔️boss combat scripts (custom)

⚔️Fast-paced economy

We have balanced combat (melee, magic, & ranged all are good to use) - Many custom servers you see really OP melee with weak magic and ranged, this is not the case with Rise.

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